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Worth blogging for

At best I could be called a sporadic blogger. In reality, that description is probably too kind. Something happened this weekend that has caused me to come out of blogging retirement (well, blogging laziness, actually). I made the yummiest, easiest, least messy icing/frosting ever in the history of the world. EVER.

It may sound a bit like I’m blowing my own trumpet a little here but…. well… I am. Just this once.

We celebrated my sister in law’s birthday and I was tasked with making the cake. Normally, this would be no bother but currently, life is a bit of a slog and it felt like a bit of a bother. That said, I also wanted to make something I knew my littlest sister would enjoy. It had to be scrum an it had to be easy. I whipped up a gluten-free chocolate sponge (thus ensuring my coeliac niece and m-i-l could also partake), no bother. But then it came to the icing. My least favourite bit. I’m not a fan of butter cream and I hate the icing sugar cloud and mess. So I had a little look in my fridge and this is what happened.

Take one tub of full fat cream cheese (300g philadelphia for me). Mix it with half a jar of salted caramel sauce (I used Tesco finest, found with the ice cream sauces) or more or less to taste, and then… Nothing. THAT’S IT! Cream cheese plus salted caramel plus two minutes equals no mess and completely scrummy icing. Served with a chocolate cake or a slightly musky (swap white sugar for a golden/muscavado mixture) victoria sponge or cupcakes, or a spoon results in so much deliciousness.


I’m not deluding myself that someone hasn’t already documented this and posted it somewhere on pinterest, but I haven’t found it and I don’t want to take the chance that some of you may not have yet discovered this lushness. So friends, enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Worth blogging for

  1. Wow! That sounds absolutely delicious and so easy! Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. Genius! Have pinned it πŸ™‚

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