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Seasons change…

It’s been a long time eh? I always mean to blog. I often have the first paragraph of a post in my head. It just rarely makes it any further. I’m ok with that I think. I like knowing I have this space here if I want it. That’s enough for me (and probably you too. So it’s a win win!).

I’ve been a city girl living in the sticks for over a year now. My birthdays are not as good a reminder of my age as realising how fast time is going. This doesn’t happen when you’re young. Therefore, I must be getting old! The tinky Taylors are growing up so so fast. The school year zooms. Weeks and months meld into one another. It is just so fast! Look how much they’ve grown!


A couple of weeks ago (or so, who knows?!) I spent a day reflecting. It was a led retreat and super duper timely. That day I’d not got some news that I was desperately hoping for. So, even though it was no news, it was really bad news. I felt sad. I’d hoped that this was a new and exciting door opening for me. An opportunity to step out of the little bit of work, mostly at home season and start getting stuck into the kind of thing I love doing most. But it wasn’t. It was a blow. So it’s kind of amazing that the lack of news came on the day it did. Because as I drove home, reflecting on the no-news and the day, I realised that actually, the season that we’re in right now, that I’m in right now is probably not just best for me but also best for our family. That may be after the challenge of settling into a new home, a new community and a new rhythm, perhaps it’s ok for me to enjoy where I am rather than immediately look for a new challenge.

Over the last new, I have met a whole heap of lovely people. We have been so welcomed and I’ve made new friends who I’m really happy to have in my life. Steve’s business is growing, Hudson is enjoying school, we’re investing huge amounts of time and effort in getting Jude the support he needs and Rosa is loving hanging out with her Mummy and also some kind 3 year olds who let her be their friend!

On my journey home I decided that we need to be better at recognising, marking and celebrating seasons. Articulating where we’re at and how we can make the most of the phase we are in right now. And so I pulled off the motorway a junction early and popped to the garden centre. And I bought a tree. Not just any tree. A magnolia tree. For me this beautiful, flowering tree represents home, settling and laying down roots. I have never (or ever even really wanted to) lived somewhere long enough to invest in a tree. So now, it seemed right to not just plant a tree, but to plant the tree of my dreams.


The following day we all traipsed into the front garden and I encouraged (forced) everyone to play a part in planting our tree. It may be that the highlight for the tinkers was the doughnuts we ate around the tree after helping it to spread it’s roots, and giving it the water it needs to settle down and make our front garden it’s home. For Steve and I it felt significant, as we continue to lay down roots and enjoy the new shoots of our life here. And so I’ll remember to mark the seasons. So that even when life goes so fast we can celebrate what is happening in us and through us right now

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One thought on “Seasons change…

  1. caroline mingay on said:

    I like this. A lot. Love to you all.x

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