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One month!

Gosh, that’s gone fast. We’ve really and literally and actually been living here for one whole month. It has indeed flown, but in many ways we feel a lot more than one month settled. I don’t want to be all predictable and what not, but the low down on tough things and lovely things worked well last time so please ‘scuse me for pulling that one out again.

Tough things…

1) We’re still not living in our house. It would appear that builders simply use the phrase “it’ll be all finished next week” in the sure and certain knowledge that one day, that’ll be true. We’re very fortunate to still be in a very comfortable home, with very lovely people looking after us but I am itching to unpack, get settled and squidge our roots down into the ground. Not being in our own house does mean that there is still a feeling of unreality and holidayness to everything but I think, this may be the week the builders actually get to be honest. Yey!

2) I miss walking to places – the shops, school etc. We’re in the car a lot more here – everyday in fact – as everything we do is a drive away. I’m googling ways to drive more economically, and am hoping that once we’re a bit more settled I’ll work out a routine that will mean I don’t have to drive quite so much.

3) Despite country types telling me it’s a lovely smell, ‘muck’ stinks. This city girl definitely prefers the smell of cheap fried chicken wafting round my neighbourhood to the stuff the farmers are spreading.

Lovely things…

For Hudson’s 5th Birthday tea, we   cooked sausages on a campfire in the field. It was simple and brilliant.

1) Hudson and Jude’s school is lovely. We’re so pleased with the choice we made, Hudson is super settled and is really blossoming. It’s small, people are really friendly, it’s easy to get involved and both Huds and Jude are being looked after by lovely staff. As Hudson doesn’t really like change, and Jude has communication issues their happiness was by no means a done deal but they’re both doing great. Hurrah.

2) There are lambs, calves, blossom and bluebells all over the place. Beautiful!

3) I look forward to the school run here. I’ve always found the school gates pretty terrifying. I don’t know if it’s just because I don’t really feel like I belong there (I know – 3 kids and still don’t actually feel like a ‘mum’!) but I always found conversation really difficult and would often drop off and pick up Huds without speaking to anyone. Here, I’ve had chats with people everyday. Instead of feeling like I don’t belong, I feel really welcome. I must confess, that I didn’t make a huge effort at Hudson’s last school. Knowing that we were leaving and feeling like I had plenty of friends anyway meant that I wasn’t very motivated. Here I’m aware that if I don’t talk to the Mums and Dads I could well end up not talking to anyone! So I’ve defo made more effort, but that effort has been reciprocated and I’ve had a lot of days where I’ve come home feeling really positive to be part of this community and that there are friends out there for the making.

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2 thoughts on “One month!

  1. sounds good my friend 🙂 so proud of you xx

  2. Sounds great Jo! x Glad the boys are doing so well…i wish sometimes that we lived in the country.

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