City Girl Needs Wellies

The first one… Which feels like a big deal but actually isn’t at all.

I’m going to blog. These are my reasons:

1) 2012 looks set to be fairly interesting for the Taylor family. It will be the first full year since 2005 I’m not at all pregnant. I’ve got a shiny new job. Steve is leaving city youth work to be a gardener. We’re leaving London to live in the proper, actual countryside and we’re going to, for the first time since having kids, live in a house that we can settle in and call home. This is all very exciting and feels very much like the right thing for our little family but it’s also a little scary. I’ve moved a lot, living in more houses than I can count on my hands but this one feels different. It feels more permanent, more intentional and more grown up. I’m thinking it’ll be nice to have a place to record this adventure.

2) We have lots of lovely friends here. They’re not all right on our doorstep but close enough to see easily. Conversation, laughter and support are all very easy to come by and in that respect the last couple of years have been a very happy time for us. We also go to a Church that we love. We very much hope that we’ll make new friends and find a new church but we also want to stay connected to those people who already make our lives so much brighter and hopefully this will be one way of doing that.

3) I am keen to be part of an online community where I’m not limited to 140 characters or a status update. In 2011, I stepped away from a whole load of things as I felt thoroughly overwhelmed by life! I really didn’t feel like I could manage anything beyond caring for our three tiny Taylors and getting dressed (nearly every day). Every now and then I’d read or see something that would make me mad, or sad When I did engage with anything it was very much in an ‘impotent rage, rant at my husband’ kind of way. I would like to be more proactive in 2012; speaking up and out instead of angry, useless rants. I think a blog is still the best way of doing this – putting yourself out there and allowing others to challenge, confront, provoke and encourage. I want my thoughts, opinions and mind to be sharpened by those on a similar journey and also those who are very different to me. Where better to find those people than the tinternet? And that’s it really. So here goes…

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